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Minimize installation time, as GSP Loaded Struts are pre-assembled and provide optimal performance, control and ride height. Restore your right with top-grade GSP Loaded Struts and put an end to bad vibrations.

Over 829 Sku's

Covering 89% of PVC

Easy installation right out the box

Designed to OE specifications

Warranty: 2 years or 30,000 miles

(866) - 942 - Axle (2953)


Features & Benefits

GSP’s Coil Springs are designed and tuned specifically for each application. This provides optimal perfromance, control, and ride height. GSP Loaded Struts will restore the vehicle’s ride to original factory specifications.
GSP’s Silent Ride Technology (SRT) encompasses premium isolator bushings and application specific upper mounts. This helps to eliminate unwanted vibration and noise.
GSP’s dual-layered, chrome finished piston rods provide superior corosion resistance guaranteeing maximum seal life in even the most extreme environments.
The added nitrogen gas to all GSP Loaded Struts helps to reduce oil foaming and strut fade, while providing a consistant high quality ride experience.
GSP’s “Tri-Lock”, piston rod seals feature two inner seals to lock gas and oil in and an outer seal to lock dirt and debris out.


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